New Beginnings: Welcome to 2018

By Katie Weber - President, APLDWA

At the moment, the view from my office window includes the blooms from my Jelena witchhazel, new growth on my neighbor's Otto Luyken laurel hedge, distant towering conifers, lots of bare branches, and a dull, grey sky. It's a pretty typical Seattle day in January: signs of both deep winter and the spring to come. And as in most Januarys, I feel the possibilities of the New Year, both professionally and personally. Will my design work push me forward professionally? Will I start and complete my certification application? Am I preparing adequately for my summer backpacking trek?

This year I have the added beginning of assuming the role of your Chapter President. And I'm excited to work for and with you to further the goals of APLD by promoting the profession of landscape designer and advancing recognition of landscape designers as highly qualified professionals. I've been a member of APLD (and the Washington chapter) continuously since 2003. I am a steadfast believer in APLD and its mission. I hear a lot about not just volunteering in an organization, but being a "brand champion". I'm going to do my best to be just that for all of us!

The Washington chapter and APLD have a lot going on in the next 24 months. The national board has contracted out the development of a certification exam; completion and implementation of the exam is expected during my tenure. We have a full chapter program calendar for this year and planning for next will begin shortly. Outreach to landscape horticulture programs at our high schools and colleges is underway. And, our Emerging Professionals Program (aka EPP) is in its third cycle and is now open to all members. If you're looking to join a "pod" or volunteer as mentor, please contact Loralee Wenger. This year's national conference is going international this September, in Toronto, Ontario. The chapter board is also considering a proposal from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show to have APLDWA members involved in building judged gardens again for the 2019 show. I'd like you to take a couple minutes (that's all it'll take as it's just four questions) to answer a short survey about our involvement in the NWFGS. Click here to be taken to the survey.

After all that, and not to be forgotten, APLD has decided to locate 2019's national conference here, in Washington, in Seattle! Susie Thompson, APLD, has graciously stepped up to be the local site committee chair and her committee is already hard at work.

I am thrilled about all that is happening and I hope you are, too.

Before I sign off, I'd like to introduce you to your 2018 APLDWA board. Feel free to contact any of us. We are here for all of you.

Me, Katie Weber, President

Kevin Monohan, President-Elect

Christie Coxley, Past-President

Leanne Goulding, Treasurer

Tom Lawson, Secretary

Tom Barrett, Member-at-Large

I'm excited for the beginnings underway in my life, including this beginning as President of APLDWA.

Thank you!

Katie Weber
APLDWA President