By Sue Goetz

Sue Goetz
Sue Goetz, President, APLDWA
If we haven't met yet, my name is Sue Goetz, and I am your new Washington state chapter president. I am excited to serve and go forth as we all navigate a new year. Who knows what it will bring and how it affects the work we do!

I am not one to make New Year resolutions, but as January approaches and I take over my board responsibilities, I am thinking about smooth transitions, carrying on existing work, and what new perspective I can add to the mix. Kevin and Katie and other past presidents were always approachable and open, and that is how it should be and will continue. In addition, Kevin had a passion for transparency in his work on the board over the past few years.

Let's talk more about transparency. I read in an article recently that transparency in a non-profit board setting is about the opportunity to share more about how their boards are leading their organizations in thoughtful, intentional ways. Your APLDWA leadership is indeed thoughtful and intentional; we want you to hear more about that! There aren't secrets; it is your membership.

I also have a heart for accessibility. We strive to enhance accessibility by making meetings and events easy to attend either by location or online. Inviting peers and colleagues to events opens doors to expand membership with mindfulness to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We don't need to work in a small bubble nor ever leave the feeling that someone is not welcome.

Here are a few aspects of transparency and accessibility that we have been working on (and I hope you already are familiar with some of these, if not read on!)

Organizational Chart

APLDWA organization chart of board and committees.
APLDWA organization chart of board and committees.

An organizational chart is currently being updated as the board and committees change for 2022. We are also updating job descriptions for each committee so you can understand what responsibilities fall under each committee. We want to make it easy for you to find out who is doing what, and who to contact if you want more information, have an idea or question, or are ready to join a committee. The talent pool and people that make up this vibrant chapter are amazing. Fun fact: we currently have 88 members, and of these, 38 of you are either current or past volunteers; this is a very impressive participation rate!

Strong Communication

Since the pandemic has shut out much in-person networking, Google groups have been a huge resource and even a way to say congrats or thank you. This group has also been valuable when the board needs to communicate with the membership quickly. In addition, our "Notes from the Board" and newsletter come every month in an email. Are you interested in sharing a newsletter and doing a guest post on the blog? Let me know. We schedule out a year in advance and would love to see your insight on our industry that might help members in our future newsletters.


I assume many are like me and want to see the value of what we pay every year. Therefore, fiscal transparency is always important. Please read "Let's Get Fiscal" on our designer's blog if you want to know more. It was written by immediate past treasurer Susan Picquelle and is an excellent overview of where the money you pay for membership goes.

Getting to Know You!

Accessibility is easier when we know our members. Where we live, what we do, and how we connect. Our pandemic lifestyle has distanced us from in-person meetings, and it feels like a divide in getting to know new members or current ones we haven't seen for a while. Stay connected with your POD (Peer Organized Discussion) groups and support each other through virtual or in-person meetings. Attend upcoming events, see who is there (either on the Zoom screen or in-person), and say hi. Here is another way to learn more about some members: our website has listed articles on every "Featured Designer" over the years. I recently looked through and read more about people I only know by name. Fun getting to know you. And, of course, the best way to get to know your fellow APLDWA members is to volunteer for one of our committees. Let's talk!

Your feedback on any of this is welcome!

Here is Your 2022 APLDWA Board

Sue Goetz

Kevin Monohan

Lisa Port

Lara Vyas

Heidi Coffee Skagen

Shannon Grina

Wishing you all much success and good health in the new year!