By Sue Goetz, APLDWA President

It has been my pleasure to serve as president and work with a dynamic board that strives to give purpose and meaning to your membership. Our membership has grown, and I encourage you to take note of new members (we mention them in our monthly newsletters) and welcome them. I love that we support each other in business and all the good we do for horticulture, design, and our industry.

Garden design on a patio with containers, lime, and yellow pottery colors.
Photo credit: Sue Goetz

My reflection over the last year that has prompted the topic of this newsletter is the diversity in backgrounds and talents our growing membership possesses. So, with that in mind, I want to give a perspective of what incredible resources we can be to each other. Other members have encouraged me; I know I have sources within APLDWA to collaborate with. I also know that our “hive mind” is always available and generous with plant info and advice. Just scroll through past threads on the APLDWA Google group, and you will see what I mean. A quick search entry will get you to conversation threads on a topic.

search box circled for a topic on private group
Easy way to search topics on Google Groups.

This year I’d like us to consider a valuable perk of membership is how we do business with each other. Talent is abundant within our membership, which you could use in your work or business.

Of course, we are designers, architects, and contractors, but did you also know among our group are photographers, speakers, writers, bloggers, podcasters, and creative artisans? I would love for us to gather those talents to use as resources for each other. So, speak up and let our membership know what type of service you can provide that might be a hidden talent we don’t know about.

landscape design class in to-scale model making
Did you discover your talent at our October modelmaking event?
Photo credit: Sue Goetz

Ideas to think about-

  • Would you do 3-D drawings or model building as a service to a company or designer?
  • Can you advise, teach, or help members manage their social media platforms?
  • Are you a writer for marketing materials or for content for a website, blog, or podcast?
  • Can you consult in drought-tolerant plantings to advise on a job site or plant palette?
  • Do you specialize in container gardens, edible gardens, or other specialties that can add unique value to services?
  • Do you have a background in graphic art and can help design logos?
  • Are you good at pursuing and demystifying permitting, and would you be willing to add that as a service to members?
  • Are you a skilled photographer who can help with portfolios or certification?
    a screenshot of a photographer's website
    APLDWA Allied member Grace Hensley

If you are unsure who can help or want to let people know about you-- log on to our Google group and start a conversation. Members can also access our resources list of trusted referrals (search vendor list in Google groups to download the most recent version).

A directory of member skills could become a powerful asset as I think of all of you I have met at events, worked with, or seen samples of your talents on social media posts.

If you are a member with skill or craft and would like to have a shout-out as a resource, please let me know, and we will spread the word through our resource list, Google groups, and social media.

Happy New Year and thank you for all your support of APLD nationally and locally.

Your 2023 APLDWA Board
Sue Goetz, president
Lisa Port, president-elect
Lara Vyas, treasurer
Heidi Coffee Skagen, secretary
Shannon Grina, member-at-large