Entering the APLD Design Competition: The Whys and Hows
"Four years ago, the world was locked down. We were all parked at home experiencing a new unknown future...." Read more here.

Healthy Pots, Healthy Planet
"Anyone in the nursery and garden industry has seen it, piles of empty black nursery pots that create an avalanche in the back of contractors' work trucks..." Read more here.

Collaboration from Designer to Contractor
"As I pondered the content of this article, I thought it was an easy write. I know what I want as a designer working independently..." Read more here.

Welcome to 2024, The Year of Building Community
"When I think of the word community, I think of my family. I was the middle child of a large family, and we frequently moved as I grew up..." Read more here.

Design Takeaways from the Desert
"Tucson, Arizona, was the 2023 APLD International Conference site—a warm respite from November in the chilly Pacific Northwest..." Read more here.

APLDWA Events – A Compelling Line Up for 2024
"A major goal of APLD is to educate members in the field of Professional Landscape Design. Core competencies are the basis for educational content development..." Read more here.

STEWARDSHIP: The Paradigm Shift That We Need
"The fact is that no species has ever had such wholesale control over everything on earth, living or dead, as we now have. That lays upon us..." Read more here.

Thank You for Taking Part in Our Thriving APLD Chapter!
"Recently, for the first time in our chapter's history, we reached the 'Over 100 Members' mark!..." Read more here.

Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks for Landscape Designers
"We are fortunate to work in an industry..." Read more here.

DEI & The Power of Story
"Storytelling is one of the oldest ways of creating connection and understanding..." Read more here.

The Restorative Power of Wonder
"What is it about the garden that offers us such renewal? Recently there has been..." Read more here.

Designing Landscapes for Septic Systems
"Not all of us have clients lucky enough to be connected to public sewer systems..." Read more here.

Building Community – Celebrating 100 members in APLDWA
"Twenty-five years ago, a state chapter was formed to serve the Greater Seattle Area members..." Read more here.

Spring Drama in Winter: Planning for the 2024 NW Flower & Garden Festival
"Every year, Seattle's WA State Convention Center comes alive with 'Spring Vibes as the landscape '..." Read more here.

The Grand Adventure
"If faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see, Indiana Jones was mustering up every bit of faith he could. He was standing on a precipice..." Read more here.

What are Your Talents?
"It has been my pleasure to serve as president and work with a dynamic board that strives to give purpose and meaning to your membership. Our membership has grown..." Read more here.

Cultivating Diversity in the Next Generation of Designers
"Let me introduce the DEI Committee. This small but dedicated committee formed out of the recognition that we as a professional group need to work harder to foster a..." Read more here.

Finding My Tribe
"As a community of landscape designers, we are professionals with similar work aspirations, industry perspectives and business relationships. In our daily activities..." Read more here.

URBS in Horto – City in a Garden
"The APLD International Landscape Design Conference was held in Chicago, IL, July 21-July 25, 2022, and I had the glorious opportunity to attend. I spent time with..." Read more here.

Inspiration & Passion – The Design Process
"Inspiration and passion drive the creative process in ways that aren’t always tangible or logical. Inspiration can be found in some very strange places sometimes..." Read more here.

Community Gardens
"It started with a desire to build and serve a community. Sharon Evans lived at the end of her street next to an overgrown corner vacant lot. She noticed people coming and going..." Read more here.

A Quick Introduction and Onward to 2022
"I am not one to make New Year resolutions, but as January approaches and I take over my board responsibilities, I am thinking about smooth transitions, carrying on..." Read more here.

The Fairest Field
"I was 21 years old, at home for the winter holidays during my senior year of college, trying to get through a book of short stories by Edgar Allan Poe for fun..." Read more here.

The New Normal – Designing for a Changing World
"A year and a half ago, I wrote about "The New Normal" with reference to COVID-19 and how it was affecting our lives and businesses. It didn't really occur to me..." Read more here.

The Human Connection: People. Relationship. Nature.
"I love my job as a landscape designer. I love the sparkle that my clients get when I show them the new plans for their gardens. I treasure the beautiful notes I receive..." Read more here.

Let's get Fiscal
"Where does the money go? This is a common quandary for most of us. In this article I will attempt to answer that question as it applies to our APLD finances..." Read more here.

You’ve Got a POD in APLD
"The POD program originally began as the Emerging Professionals Program (EPP) which connected new designers with seasoned mentors in small groups called pods..." Read more here.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity, How Do We Answer the Call?
"I understood that I have privilege and that I likely hold biases." Read more here.

2020 APLD Service Awards
"Three of our APLDWA Chapter members won national 2020 Service Awards from APLD. These awards were announced by Eric Gilby, PLA, the current APLD President..." Read more here.

How Can I Help?
"Yes, this is a platitude, but it also a sincere question that we ask when we meet a new client. We are a service industry and we want to help our clients to create a beautiful..." Read more here.

APLDWA Email Blast Program
"For Platinum, Gold & Silver Sponsors"
Read more here.

How Can I Help?
"Yes, this is a platitude, but it also a sincere question that we ask when we meet a new client. We are a service industry and we want to help our clients to create a beautiful..." Read more here.

Let’s Come Together
"What a strange trip it's been! Our personal, professional, and literal worlds have taken such a dramatic turn over the last 6 weeks that I, for one, can hardly recognize them." Read more here.

The New Normal
"Here we are, confronted with a new world; new ways to work, play, and love. Little did we know that when we celebrated the start of 2020 we would be where we are now." Read more here.

New Skipper
"My name is Kevin Monohan and I am our new Washington chapter president. I’ve been very fortunate and quite honored to follow Katie Weber into this presidential role." Read more here.

Meet the Team
"Do you enjoy having opportunities to acquire new knowledge and hone your existing skills? Do you regularly attend the mini-symposiums / lectures / workshops..." Read more here.

Doing What You Say You'll Do
"So many projects with so many clients to keep happy… how does one handle it? We're out there making promises, trying to get as much done each day as well... " Read more here.

Building Value: Snap, Save, Share To, Send
"Value is an interesting thing. Commerce cannot exist without something of value transferring between parties. We need it to build a Brand and a Marketing strategy." Read more here.

APLD International Conference 2019
"The annual APLD International Conference is just around the corner. It's July 25-29, and in case you haven't heard it's right here in Seattle. All conference events..." Read more here.

The Road to Certification and Why You Should Go There
"APLD certification offers the focused designer industry accreditation through demonstrated knowledge and experience within the profession of landscape design..." Read more here.

Benefits of Membership
"As I reflect over the successes of last year and prepare my thoughts on the benefits of membership, I think of all my wonderful partners who help make my business complete..." Read more here.

A New Year’s Toast to Insanity
"The holidays are behind us and 2019 is gathering steam and thundering us straight into our busiest time of year as designers. Make note that I didn’t say we..." Read more here.

Understanding: 4 Muses-4 Materials
"One thing that I have learned during my 7 years as an APLD member is that there are so many hidden talents in our group. A few members are mounting a show..." Read more here.

New Beginnings
"At the moment, the view from my office window includes the blooms from my Jelena witchhazel, new growth on my neighbor's Otto Luyken laurel hedge..." Read more here.

Why Travel Makes Me a Better Designer
"Travel is an intensely personal experience. When I travel, I quickly see that different cultures tend to solve problems in different ways, and many appreciate..." Read more here.

Inspiration and Vision
"Recently a client asked me a great question: 'Where do you look for inspiration?' I've never had that question from a client, but seeing as she's an architect..." Read more here.

Boston and APLD Conference 2017
"This year's APLD conference was my seventh since 2006, and my fourth in four years. I've been to some fantastic places: Pasadena, Portland, San Francisco..." Read more here.

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest-The Future
"I have discovered a spirit of sustainability that is deeply imbedded in the culture of the PNW. Generations are now all onboard--sharing principles..." Read more here.

What is the Story You Want to Tell?
"What’s the difference between a good photo and one that stops you in your tracks? At our May event David Perry schooled us with a dense and delightful..." Read more here.

My Limited Time With Cass Turnbull
" I remember an engaging conversation the first time I met Cass. Anyone who met Cass, even for a very brief time, was somehow impacted by her..." Read more here.

Quality Construction Begins with Great Design
"As designers, we can create brilliant designs, but until they are built they are only pretty pictures. A team of crafts(wo)men to take our paper concepts..." Read more here.

Mentoring Program Nurtures Budding Designers
"How do I develop a clientele? What type of insurance do I need? Where is the best place to buy plants, pots, stone, etc.? Designers new to our profession..." Read more here.

Garden Tour Road Trip to Oregon
"Winter is a wonderful time to plan a "Garden Tour Road Trip" for the upcoming summer. I did this last winter with five friends who are fellow designers..." Read more here.

How Many Bids Are Enough?
"As a design build contractor we are often asked to provide competitive bids on a designer's project. While my staff and I understand that most designers..." Read more here.

Update on the City of Seattle Stormwater Regulations
"The stormwater code is designed to protect people, property, and the environment by controlling how rainwater runs off streets, buildings, and parking lots..." Read more here.

Why Do I Do this to Myself?
"Why do I choose to add additional responsibilities by volunteering for APLDWA? I get much more out of volunteering than the time I spend..." Read more here.

Why Be a Member?
"There are a myriad of advantages to belonging to APLD: certification, advocacy, lobbying, and increasing the professional standing of our trade..." Read more here.

How Changes in APLD Membership Categories Benefit Its Members
"The membership changes reflect the need for our industry to grow and adapt to a continually evolving working environment..." Read more here.

APLDWA Study Weekend - a Smashing Success
"In the midst of a summer boasting record-breaking heat and no measureable rainfall, I had the good fortune to participate in the recent..." Read more here.

Advocacy for Landscape Designers
"APLD dedicates time and energy to advocating for our profession. Why do we do this? The right to practice landscape design..." Read more here.

Founders Cup (Best of Show) & Gold Medal
"APLD WA design team and member volunteers strike gold and win Founder’s Cup at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show with their display..." Read more here.

History of APLDWA
"The Washington Chapter of APLD is one of the three largest chapters in the nation, the other two being California and New England...." Read more here.

APLDWA In Action All Year
"It has been twelve months of APLD events, meetings, e-mails, legislative and advocacy watchdogging, another flower and garden show, another conference..." Read more here.

Advantages of Joining
"Whatever your reason may be for joining APLD we believe you'll find it to be a worthwhile professional community that offers tools and resources that strongly support..." Read more here.

"Volunteering is not a one-way street; the benefits to oneself are real, substantial, and rewarding. APLDWA is a thriving, well-peopled, successful organization..." Read more here.

Emerging Professional Program
"The Emerging Professionals Program (EPP) connects new designers with seasoned mentors in small groups that met periodically throughout the year and discussed issues..." Read more here.